Mudhugger Lefty Front Fender

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Finally! A custom made long Mudhugger for the Cannondale Supermax Lefty fork!

Developed with the help of the Cannondale Enduro team the Left One comes with all of the parts to fit to your bike including a 1.5 inch star nut which is used to attach the Hugger to the underside of the steerer tube and the left fender brace zip ties onto the fork to prevent sideways flex.d

Front Fender Details

  • 17.5" of total coverage
  • Approx 7" of coverage in front of fork lower crown
  • Approx 10.5" of coverage behind the fork lower crown
  • Handles up to a 3.25" wide tire
  • Compatible with our 3" Front Extender!
  • 80g for fender
  • 150g for everything pictured¬†

Link to install video -

**If you'd like to see Mudhugger products in person before buying, then tell your favorite local bike shop to talk to us about becoming a stocking dealer!

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