Mudhugger Rear Extender

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Our 4" rear fender extension is ideal for those looking for maximum protection. Requires five holes to be drilled through the fender for the attachment pins to pass though, which is pretty easy. The extension is removeable, but why would you want to do that!

Kit includes fender extension, five installation pins and five spare pins.

How to:

  1. Watch this video -
  2. Remove fender from bike.
  3. Tape the extender in place - use it as a template.
  4. Use a nail to make little marks on the fender where you will need to drill.
  5. Use an appripriately sized bit to drill the holes from the inside of the fender. 
  6. Scrape off the remaining plastic shavings on the outside on the fender leaving a smooth surface.
  7. Install push clips from the outside.
  8. Install fender.
  9. Ride!

**If you'd like to see Mudhugger products in person before buying, then tell your favorite local bike shop to talk to us about becoming a stocking dealer!

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