Mudhugger Short Front Fender w/Quick Release Velcro

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Same fender as the Standard Front with the exception of including Velcro straps instead of zip ties so they can be installed/removed easily. 


Fits 26", 27.5" and 29" forks. Includes Velcro straps. Designed to keep the mud and spray off your face and let you see where you are going. Seeing is pretty cool, right?

Additionally, the lower fender braces help to hide and protect the fork seals from mud and grime that would otherwise pile up and work it's way into your fork. Sweet!

Kit Includes fender, Velcro straps and instructions.

Standard Front Fender Coverage

  • Approx 3" of coverage in front of fork lower crown.
  • Approx 10" of coverage behind the fork lower crown.
  • Accepts up to 3.25" wide plus tires, assuming your fork offers enough clearance.
  • Compatible with our 3" Front Extender!

**If you'd like to see Mudhugger products in person before buying, then tell your favorite local bike shop to talk to us about becoming a stocking dealer!

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