Shipping & Returns


Free shipping on qualifying orders over $100!!! Things that don't qualify - some random/rare ultra-closeout priced items that we might actually loose money on, but those will have a warning in the description.

Free shipping provides USPS Ground shipping, but you can pay for expedited services. If you have a time constraint, please call us asap!


Sometimes things just don’t workout. Hey, it happens and we can help!

CyclepathPDX will not accept unauthorized returns, please contact us to obtain a return authorization number. Otherwise everything will fall apart and there will be total anarchy around here.

Pay attention here, this part is kind of a big deal - You have to contact us within 30 days of purchase or all bets are off!!!

Customers (you) are responsible for all return shipping costs and products purchased with our free shipping offer will be credited less our original shipping cost. All items being returned must be in new condition, never assembled, used or played with, in the original box and with the manufacturer packaging. Reasonable, right?

Additionally, from time to time small parts go missing or things get banged up in shipping. That sucks! I promise we didn’t do it on purpose. If anything you seem pretty cool and we should ride bikes together sometime. But there are damaged or missing parts upon receipt of your order,there are two things that could happen.

1) Cyclepath will send the replacement part(s) or item(s) at no additional cost.


2) The manufacturer will send the replacement part(s) or item(s) at no additional cost.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns and we will promptly assist you!